Majestic Skin and Massage
Lakewood Point Office Park
2009 Longwood Lake Mary Road
Suite 1001
Longwood, FL 32750
Tel: 407.302.5552
2009 Longwood Lake Mary Rd
 Suite 1001
Longwood, FL 32750
Tel: 407.302.5552

Massage Therapy
Packages of 3, 6 and 12 are available for all massage therapy services.

Relaxation Massage
Slow movements are customized to calm the body and release tension and stress.
30 minutes - $45  GIFT CERTIFICATE      60 minutes - $65  GIFT CERTIFICATE   
  90 minutes - $95   GIFT CERTIFICATE

Deep Tissue Massage
A combination of therapuetic modalities, massage, and stretching techniques arecustomizedto bring relief to sore, tight and painful muscles.
30 minutes - $50  GIFT CERTIFICATE     60 minutes - $80  GIFT CERTIFICATE      90 minutes - $115  GIFT CERTIFICATE

Super 2-hour Massage    $125  GIFT CERTIFICATE

Chair Massage  $30   GIFT CERTIFICATE    
            In-Office Chair Massages and Massage Parties are available - please call for special pricing.

Thai Foot Massage    $45    GIFT CERTIFICATE

Medical Massage
Insurance billing is available for Medical Massage necessity due to car accidents, work injuries and chronic pain.  Verification of insurance coverage and Physician prescription required for insurance billing.

Aesthetic Services

Therapuetic Facial      $85     GIFT CERTIFICATE 
Ozonated steam, extractions, relaxing neck and shoulder massage, mask and customized treatment products make this facial great for everyone.

Super Collagen Facial    $135     GIFT CERTIFICATE 
This facial utilizes a mask of soluble collagen to provide intense hydration as well as visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasonic Infusion Facial    $125    GIFT CERTIFICATE
Gentle ultrasonic exfoliation, extractions, relaxing neck and shoulder massage followed by deep infusion of customized nutritive topicals, therapeutic mask and moisturizing SPF.

Ultrasonic Infusion Facial + Collagen    $165    GIFT CERTIFICATE
As above with the addition of a transdermal collagen mask.

Esthetique Facial     $125    GIFT CERTIFICATE
This rejuvenating facial includes everything in the therapeutic facial with the added application of a retinol booster treatment to increase cell turnover and firmness of the facial skin.

Clarifying Facial Treatment    $125   GIFT CERTIFICATE 
This facial is ideal for any skin condition especially those with breakout-prone, sluggish skin metabolism and dull surface appearance.

Detox Deep Pore Facial    $110    GIFT CERTIFICATE
This facial provides immediate improvement for oily, acne and blemish-prone skin.

Oxygenating Facial    $110    GIFT CERTIFICATE
The Oxygenating Facial is excellent for all skin types.  It improves acne and brightens all dull complexions.

Freshening Facial    $50    GIFT CERTIFICATE
A skin purifying mask, exfoliation and specially selected treatment products are included in this express facial.

Special Eye Mask    $35    GIFT CERTIFICATE
This add-on service is excellent for dark circles, puffy and dehydrated eye areas.

Consultation    $50
Consultation is included in the above services or can be provided as a separate service applicable to product or service purchase.

Chemical Peel Treatments    $100-$500
Customized, advanced chemical peeling is avalible utilizing the highest quality of blended ingredients formulated for safe, gentle, yet highly effective skin rejuvenation from PCA SKIN .  Chemical peels will dramatically improve any skin condition and the overall health of your skin.  Treatments are available for facial skin as well as most body areas.  Consultation required prior to treatment. 

Vascutouch Treatment $125    GIFT CERTIFICATE
This quick, non-invasive, highly effective treatment will permanently remove unsightly vascular blemishes such as broken surface capillaries, cherry hemangiomas and skin tags any where on the face and body.

Back Facial $75    GIFT CERTIFICATE
Exfoliation and purification techniques are used to achieve smooth, radiant, blemish-free skin in that hard to reach area.

Body Treatments

BioMat Amethyst
Relax on a full bed of amethyst crystals warmed with far infrared light heat while re-charging your body with ions to produce powerful healing.  The BioMat induces deep relaxation, relieves pain and is completely non-invasive.
Vitality Boost 
    15-20 minute sessions  $25  GIFT CERTIFICATE          Package of 5    $100  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Body Balancing  25-30 minute sessions  $30 GIFT CERTIFICATE          Package of 5    $125  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Power Healing   45-60 minute sessions  $55  GIFT CERTIFICATE          Package of 5    $200  GIFT CERTIFICATE

IonCleanse Foot Detox      $110  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Toxins in th body are gently released through the feet while relaxing in a foot spa.
Series of 3                          $300  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Series of 7                          $500  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Series of 14                        $700  GIFT CERTIFICATE

Spa Pedicure            $55  GIFT CERTIFICATE
The feet are soaked in a hydrotherapy bath followed by gentle nail and foot grooming.  Essential oils are used for a relaxing massage to the feet and lower legs.  Nails are finished as desired.

Ear Candling                      $60  GIFT CERTIFICATE
This centuries-old practice is used to relieve pressure, wax buildup and inner ear blockage.  It is a soothing and relaxing way to restore balance.

Slimming Body Wrap       
Burn calories while relaxing with this 40-minute far infrared body wrap that produces visible fat and inch loss, cellular detoxification, increased metabolism, cellulite elimination and many other health benefits.
Single Session                  $79   GIFT CERTIFICATE                           
Add-ons availible:
Series of 5                       
$300   GIFT CERTIFICATE                        Detox Massage         $40
Series of 10                      $500   GIFT CERTIFICATE                        Foot Detox                 $50

Waxing / Hair Removal
Eyebrows    $18  GIFT CERTIFICATE       Bikini             $40  GIFT CERTIFICATE       Brazilian    $80  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Chin             $14  GIFT CERTIFICATE       Full Face        $46  GIFT CERTIFICATE  
Lip                $14 GIFT CERTIFICATE       Underarms    $35  GIFT CERTIFICATE
1/2 Leg        $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE        Full Leg         $90  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Back             $60  GIFT CERTIFICATE       Arms              $45  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Hands          $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE        Feet                $20  GIFT CERTIFICATE
Lash Tint     $35 GIFT CERTIFICATE        Brow Tint      $15  GIFT CERTIFICATE

Spa Packages

The Royal Treatment    $350    
GIFT CERTIFICATE     (includes lunch)
This day package includes all of the most luxurious and pampering treatments we offer:
BioMat Amethyst Body Treatment, 90-minute Customized Massage, Ultrasonic Infusion + Collagen Facial, Special Eye Mask, and Spa Pedicure.

We will be happy to assist in customizing spa packages at a special price. 
Please call us at 407-302-5552.